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NR.IF20.001CUR Assessing Critical Competencies: Modernizing Assessment and Reporting - Elementary Workshop
Présenté par: Tom Schimmer
22 novembre 2019 | 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Stonebridge Hotel 12102-100 Street, Grande Prairie, AB

Now is the time to modernize assessment and reporting to align with the goals of 21st century learning. Putting the right practices in place is the critical next step in ensuring all students master essential intellectual and social skills needed to succeed in school and beyond.

During this training, participants will explore a framework for creating a more personalized and relevant experiences for learners and determine specific actions and decisions that need to be made at the district, school, and classroom levels. Participants are encouraged to attend as a team, as time will be available for collaborative action planning.


Participants will learn:

  • The big picture of curricular reform and the way that the means and ends of learning are shifting
  • Which assessment fundamentals remain essential and which will likely become somewhat marginalized or even antiquated
  • The fundamental principles of performance assessments (including project- or problem-based learning) and how they must transform the assessment norms of every classroom, school, and district
  • The practices and processes necessary to assess critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaborative thinking
  • How the development of specific social skills will lead to learners becoming more socially competent
  • The practices and processes necessary to ensure that the assessment of critical competencies is both valid and reliable
  • Potential ways student growth and development can be reported to parents and others
Public cible:
Administrator/Administration, Learning Coaches/Accompagnateur pédagogique, Teachers/Enseignant
Tom Schimmer

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Registration Includes Lunch and Tom Schimmer’s Book STANDARDS-BASED LEARNING IN ACTION