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NR.IF20.005CUR Making Sense of Teaching for Conceptual Understanding and Learning Transfer
Présenté par: Julie Stern
31 octobre 2019 | 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Stonebridge Hotel 12102-100 Street, Grande Prairie, AB

Educators today seem to be faced with a choice: Continue teaching centuries-old ways of organizing the world through traditional disciplines such as mathematics and music, or throw them out in favor of innovation and creativity in order to move into a 21st-century paradigm for teaching and learning.

This is a false choice. Here’s the important truth: Innovation requires the creative transfer of the fundamental and powerful concepts of the traditional disciplines. Innovators don’t invent without a deep understanding of how the world works. Complex problem-solving occurs when people creatively transfer what they learn to complex situations. This workshop demonstrates practical ways teachers can begin to build the schema in students’ brains that facilitates deeper understanding and the ability to unlock complex problems through learning transfer.

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria:

Investigate the role of conceptual understanding in retrieval of information, depth of understanding and transfer of learning.

  • I can compose transferable conceptual relationships and corresponding questions that build both breadth and depth of understanding.
  • I can build understanding of single concepts and teach students how to make connections between concepts.

Understand that transfer is both a means and an end.

  • I can use multiple, fact-rich contexts that illuminate conceptual relationships.
  • I can provide opportunities for students to transfer their understanding and provide solutions to problems.

Examine the importance of quality thinking and metacognition in transfer of learning.

  • I can teach the language of conceptual learning explicitly to students.
  • I can make the goals visible using rubrics, success criteria, examples, think-alongs and more.
Public cible:
Substitute Teachers/Enseignant suppléant, Teachers/Enseignant
Julie Stern

Julie Stern is the author of Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding. She is a teacher trainer and instructional coach, supporting educators in breaking free of the long-standing industrial model of schooling. Julie is a certified trainer in Visible Learning and Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction. She is a James Madison Constitutional Scholar and taught social studies for many years. She is a Verified Master Trainer and has Coaching and Change Management Certificates from the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Julie previously served as the director of Curriculum Innovation for a network of schools in Washington, DC.



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This learning event includes Lunch and a copy of Julie Stern's Book  " Teaching for Conceptual Understanding: Elementary".